My name is LeRance Hall, Sr. This is my first year as the president of the South Carolina Baptist Conference of the Deaf. I’ve been the pastor at Roebuck Baptist Deaf Ministry for almost 10 years. I have been married to Darlene Ingerson Hall for 32 years; in April we will celebrate 33 years. We have 3 children: Heather, Lance, and Zac. The two oldest are already married and the youngest will get married in June of 2020. We also have 5 grandchildren. I’m thankful to the Lord for my family, and thankful they know sign language. Praise the Lord! My favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 10:24-25, which says:

“24. We should think about each other and see how we can help each other to show love and do good things. 25. We should not quit meeting together. That is what some people are doing. But we should meet together and strengthen each other. You should do this more and more as you see the Christ coming (day).”

Please be in prayer for our SCBCD committee, and others as well. 


First Vice President

My name is Ashley Chism and I am the first Vice President of South Carolina Baptist Conference of the Deaf.  I am a native of South Carolina.  I graduated from Dorman High School then went on to complete my Associate of Applied Science in Digital Design at Spartanburg Community College last May 2019.  I am currently a member of Roebuck Baptist Deaf Ministry.  I have a six-year-old dog named Smokie.  I am a proud aunt of a three-year-old boy who is so loving and full of life.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family and friends.  My life verse is Philippians 4:13, "For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."  I ask that you pray over our board members as we work to serve the Lord and the community through SCBCD.  Blessings on each and every one of you.



Temporary Second Vice President


Temporary Secretary

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. River Watts is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.




I’m Artie Connolly and I’m Treasurer for South Carolina Baptist Conference of the Deaf. This is my 12th year. I have been married to former Patricia Ann Westbrook for 25 years in November 2020. We have two daughters, Madeline who will be married in June 2020 and Anna Grace who’s in 10th grade at Dorman High plus she plays volleyball. My GIRLS included Patricia keep me busy all the time. God bless me to have them in my life daily. My favorite Bible Verse is James 4:10 - “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” Please pray for all of Board Members as we pray for you all as well. -- 

Trust in Him,
Artie Connolly
SCBCD Treasurer
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Liaison Consultant

Alton Brant (AB) is a retired Emeritus Professor of American Sign Language (ASL) at Clemson University.   A CODA trained as an educator, Dr. Brant completed his Ed.D. in Special Education Administration in 1986 (University of South Carolina).  He has served as a teacher, administrator, and advisor to numerous institutions and agencies serving the Deaf.  He has been a guest lecturer to the Czech Republic, Palestine (Gaza) and Russia.  His work experience includes interpreting, teaching, administering a program for deaf children with behavioral/emotional problems, and serving as the Director of the SC School for the Deaf.  He has consulted with the SC Department of Mental Health and the SC Department of Education.  He has served on several boards related to the education of deaf children and the Deaf Community at-large.  He is a member of Crosspoint Church in Clemson, is the Director for TriState Deaf School of Theology, and currently serves as Liaison for the SC Baptist Conference for the Deaf.